Choosing a Personal Injury Specialization

As a lawyer fresh from law school, or even as an established member of the bar, it is easy to see and note the various occurrences that result in personal injury all around you. There are so many cases of personal injury each year that it can be tempting to want to handle every single one of them. Asides from the sheer volume of the work that would definitely weigh one down, it is noteworthy to mention that narrowing your field can help you better concentrate in your particular niche. Choosing the right specialization can help you do good for society and excel in your area of expertise.

Types Of Personal Injury Cases

There are many different types of personal injury cases, and some of them include traffic accidents, work accidents, assault, product defect, holiday accidents, medical malpractice and negligence (including dental), industrial diseases, repetitive strain injuries etc. The following are some questions you should ask yourself when you are trying to decide what aspect or type of personal injury case to specialize in:

Is This Your Passion?

The best personal injury lawyers are always passionate about the area they specialize in. You should ask yourself if you are concerned about a particular personal injury. Your compassion for victims of that particular injury would motivate you to do your best for them. Being too passionate about a cause can be a double-edged sword. If you should happen to be too passionate about the particular injury, your judgment could become clouded, or your decisions could be called in to question due to personal bias.

Do You Understand It Well?

Understanding the aspect of personal injury is a major requirement for choosing your focus area. It is common sense that you are likely to continue to do well in an area that you understand well. If you are a recent member of the bar, you can choose an aspect that formed a part of your bachelor’s degree, or if you are a seasoned attorney, then you must know or have a very good idea of what areas you have aptitude in.

Are You Compassionate?

Every personal injury lawyer, just like every lawyer, is in it for the win. You need to win the case and ensure your client gets what they deserve. However, in personal injury law there is also the humanity factor. Many of the top personal injury lawyers would tell you that the most important factor in this field is compassion. If you are compassionate with your clients about their personal injury struggles, and you are concerned with getting them their due, this will give you the motivation to succeed in doing so.

Making The Decision

You must be sure that you want to pursue personal injury law before even pondering a specialization. If you have decided that this is the route for you, choose the focus are in which you have a combination of passion, knowledge, and compassion. Narrowing it down in this way should help make your decision an easier task.

7 Comments on "Choosing a Personal Injury Specialization"

  • One of the better things about law is that you can specialize in a certain field. This means that you would have to seek out additional schooling or training for that specific spot. With personal injury, there are many types of cases ranging from traffic accident to medical malpractice. When in doubt, follow your gut instinct and go with it!

  • I get really interested learning about the law. Do you have any idea which of these specialization is easier and quicker to study? Please advise.

    • Faye,

      When it comes to specializing, there are many different fields that should be considered. Personal injury can range from being in an automobile accident, injury on the job, or even a dog bite. Different specializations will appeal to different interests. What would you say interests you the most?

  • With personal injury, there is more than just that. Specializing in something will mean more schooling but in the end it will be worth it. You are very right that the best lawyers are those who are passionate about their jobs. However don’t let this get to your head since too much of anything is bad.

  • This is great information. It can be a hard decision to make. And you have to be very compassionate in dealing with a personally injury. Thanks for sharing.

  • I thought this was an interesting perspective. I think having a passion for what you do is really important. In this kind of profession, I think it’s especially important, because you’re representing someone, and they really need your help. I think if you have passion, then you care about your client.

  • It’s cool to see that there are ways to go about specializing in personal injury law. This makes it possible to find a part in it that you truly like and enjoy being apart of. I can’t wait to learn more about this and see if its for or not.

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