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2 Comments on "Contact"

  • Hi CK Law Review Team,

    I’m reaching out today to get your opinion on a story idea we’re developing. TV shows like The Good Wife, The Simpsons, and Better Call Saul give some very strong stereotypes about law professionals. Whether they are slimy, overly aggressive, or lacking any shred of compassion, TV lawyers are very different than the actual law professionals that live in the real world.

    I’m working with the Illinois Supreme Court on Professionalism,, to break down some of these stereotypes and show that real lawyers can be a different breed entirely. I’m using data that 2Civility had at their disposal as well as data from the ARDC ( to see how public perception lines up with the facts and we’ll see if TV gets it right at all or if it’s all just fiction.

    I’d really like to get your take on the idea and see if there are any stereotypes you’d like to see covered in particular.

    Tate Handy

    • I think that’s a great idea, Tate. Though the shows that you mentioned are entertaining, it does portray many legal professionals in a less-than-positive light.

      Here’s a clip from Breaking Bad:

      I think a great focus would be that in real life, lawyers aren’t shady people that’ll be doing behind-the-scenes stuff like Saul Goodman does.

      Please keep us updated!

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